HistoryPlattsburgh Air Force Base Flightline

PBG is built on the site of the former Plattsburgh Air Force Base. The longest active military installation in the United States, Plattsburgh had been connected with the military in one form or another for more than 400 years.

Created in the 1950’s as a base for the Strategic Air Command, Plattsburgh Air Force Base was continually modernized and upgraded by the U.S. government right up to its unexpected closing in 1995.

The closure of Plattsburgh Air Force Base presented the region with a remarkable aviation and economic development asset. The 1,699 acres of the former base which contain all of the aviation assets and related properties are now owned by the Clinton County Government and are quickly being redeveloped as a consolidated, regional, multi-purpose aviation and aerospace complex. The full 5,000-acre facility now hosts more than 80 tenants and employs more people than when the Air Force was here.

Plattsburgh International Airport is a fully operating industrial airport, handling large and small aircraft daily for its tenants and other purposes. And with the completion of our 35,300 square foot terminal in 2007, Plattsburgh International Airport is now also in the passenger business.

But the success of this facility, both as a military installation, and now, as an international airport, stems from its strategic location. Plattsburgh International Airport is located just one hour south of Montreal, with its 3.5 million residents and growing aerospace industry.