Expansion Update 8/21/2015

Plattsburgh International Airport is still in phase II of its $55 Million Dollar expansion.  We are excited to share with you this week’s news and updates about the expansion.  

Here’s what has happened:
  • Construction crews continued working on Plattsburgh International Airport’s roofing, new baggage handling system, TSA checkpoint and prepared to relocate the office area.
  • Power change-over occurred. The power for the terminal will now come through the new concourse and be backed up by the new emergency generator. 
What you can expect next: 
  • Construction crews will prepare to reconfigure the Administration office. This will allow for additional office space that will accommodate a Deputy Airport Manager.
  • The demolition of the central stairway, which passengers use to enter the departure terminal, will begin on 8/26/15.  This phase will continue for approximately one month.  Passengers will still be able to use the elevator and/or alternate staircase during this time.  This will allow the TSA area to be relocated on the second level for screening purposes.
Tidbits to remember: 
  • Passengers please be aware that the inner two lanes leading to the terminal entrance, closest to the building, are blocked off. The roadway is being excavated to install a new drainage area and will not be reopened until October 2015. Walkways will be marked for use.
  • Please note the airport’s air conditioning is now off line in the terminal, and probably will be for approximately one month, while contractors make the necessary changes for the tie in.
  • Also, please pardon the noise during this phase of construction. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Airport Staff or Police Office on duty.

Front Window Removal

Roofing Tie-In

Front Window Removal

New Baggage Claim Construction