Expansion Update 11/6/2015

Plattsburgh International Airport is still in phase II of its $55 Million Dollar expansion.  We are excited to share with you this week’s news and updates about the expansion.  

Some exciting changes have taken place at the Airport over the past week.  The new concourse is now open, and while not every detail is yet in place, much progress has been made.  Passengers will be able to see those changes starting November 4th, as the new concourse is now open to travelers.  New carpet and tile have been installed and glass windows are all in place. The new Gate 4 is now operational for boarding and Gate 3 is expected to be operational within the next two weeks.  The TSA security checkpoint has been moved to the second floor and now includes a whole body imaging machine in addition to the walk through metal detector.  Once passengers have checked in at the ticket counter, they can access the checkpoint through a door located near the ticket counter area, where they will have access to the stairs or the elevator.  Once through the entrance on the second floor, they will enter the TSA checkpoint area, then continue into the concourse. The airport’s Concessionaire, Flightline Express has completed their move to the new concourse as well and continues to offer sandwiches, snacks and beverages. Arriving passengers will notice a new exit lane that once completed will showcase the latest in automated exit lane technology. Airport staff as well as additional signage will provide directions for arriving passengers to get to baggage claim.
The airport has also brought the outbound baggage handling system online. This consists of a state of the art conveyor system that provides more efficient movement of baggage from ticketing to the aircraft. Upon completion of the project, a similar system will exist for baggage coming off of arriving aircraft.

New concourse

New concourse

New concourse seating with electrical outlets

New concourse
Tidbits to remember: 
  • Passengers please be aware that the inner two lanes leading to the terminal entrance, closest to the building, are blocked off. The roadway is being excavated to install a new drainage area and will not be reopened until November 2015. Walkways will be marked for use.
  • Also, please pardon the noise during this phase of construction. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Airport Staff or Police Office on duty.