Airport Expansion Update 1/14/2015

Work that has been completed during the previous period includes:
  • Foundation wall pour and and walls completed at Utility Building
  • Continued foundation footing and wall work in Outbound Baggage Addition
  • Walk-way installation prep and completion at Gate 1
  • Jet Bridge footing excavation prep work, pier complete and backfilled
  • Work continued on foundation for outbound baggage area and expanded ticket area.
  • Jet Bridge relocation, relocation completed on 1/9 - Please note passengers will not need to walk outside to board the plane, passengers will be able to get on/off the plane onto the jet bridge.
  • Demolition of concession area South & West walls
Work Anticipated To Be Completed This Period (1/12 – 1/16):
  • Continued work on apron removal and new foundation walls
  • Removal of Fire Place
No airport operational impacts to note during this time 

Inbound baggage expansion

Outbound baggage expansion

Utility building expansion

Jet Bridge relocation

Ticket area expansion

Airport expansion current work areas