Airport Parking

Parking at Plattsburgh International Airport is both inexpensive and convenient. Parking lots are located just steps from the terminal, making for an easy arrival and departure. Passengers can make their travel even easier by taking the free shuttle service which is available to/from the lots. For information on parking rates please see the chart below. 

Parking Rates (U.S.)

  0-3 hours 3+ hours/Daily Max Payment Accepted

All Lots


$8/day U.S. and Canadian currency 
and major credit cards accepted

Passengers leaving their car at PBG for more than 60 days please call Republic Parking at 518-324-5768. Any car left for more than 60 days without advanced approval will be towed. Thank you!

For questions on parking at Plattsburgh International Airport, please call 518.324.5768.


* Please Note - 2/27/2018 - Plattsburgh International Airport will be starting a parking lot rehabilitation project on Lot A. 

  • Parking Lot “A” (the parking lot in front of the Terminal) will be closed until June/July timeframe due to repaving. It is being closed now to empty out the lot in anticipation of an April start date. There will be several phases to this project that will require re-routing of traffic. 
  • Passengers who attempt to park their vehicles in the lot while vehicles are exiting will have their vehicle booted and towed at the owner’s expense. 
  • Handicap parking spaces are located in the Employee Only parking lot to the West of the Terminal and there is signage directing passengers to the spots. Vehicles parked illegally in the Handicapped spaces or unauthorized vehicles parked in the employee parking lot will be booted and towed at the owner’s expense. 
  • Passengers are reminded that parking under three hours is free so if passengers that are flying out are trying to get to get to Parking Lot “B” (the large lot that is to the west of the Terminal), they will need to exit through the exit lanes at the Ticket Booth and reenter through the entrance gates and get another ticket. They will not be charged twice. They are also reminded that the loop road is one way and is signed as such.
 Expected completion date for the parking lot is September 2018.