Expansion Update 4/24/2015

The Plattsburgh International Airport expansion is still in phase II. Work that has been completed during the previous period includes:

  • Completed canopy removal
  • Elevator foundation formed in concourse
  • Structural Steel work in ticket counter area
  • Second floor deck pour prep in Departure Terminal
Upcoming work will include:
  • Departure Terminal elevator foundation
  • Continued foundation work in expanded ticket area and elevator prep in the terminal entry area
  • Second floor deck will be poured in Departure Terminal
The Jet Bridge will be unavailable for use from 4/15 to approximately 4/29 and passengers will be ground loading through the walkway during this phase of construction.
Passengers please be aware that there will be ongoing construction to the entry area of the terminal. Walkways will be marked for use.
Also, please pardon the noise during this phase of construction. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Airport Staff or Police Officer on duty.