5 Things You Should Know About the Plattsburgh International Airport Expansion

In case you didn’t already know, the Plattsburgh International Airport is currently undergoing a $55 million terminal expansion that will make it not only more comfortable and visually appealing, but also more efficient and able to meet visitors’ needs.

As the new PR and Content Specialist at the North Country Chamber of Commerce (SIDE NOTE: Hi, I’m Alina Walentowicz, and good luck pronouncing that, ‘cause it doesn’t sound anything like it looks!), I recently had the chance to check out some of the latest changes occurring at Montreal’s “go-to” U.S. airport.

Here’s what I took away from my airport tour, and what you should keep in mind as you plan your journey to or from this compelling location.

1. The new technology is seriously advanced – and exclusive, too.

The Plattsburgh International Airport will be one of the first in the U.S. to boast automated exit lanes. This secure technology will allow passengers to come and go more safely and efficiently as the airport increases traffic. Not to worry – I have a whole post dedicated to this coming up. I’ll go into more detail on the technical aspects of this equipment and its location within the airport.

2. All the resources you need for parking, car rentals, and tourism are still here amidst construction.

While the facility isn’t huge, construction understandably creates confusion. Thankfully, there are easy-to-read signs throughout the building in both English and French. Travelers seeking car rentals and tourist information will find them conveniently located near the baggage claim. Departing passengers and visitors dropping off or picking up, be aware of parking constraints. The spot you parked in last time might not exist anymore – and the one you park in this time may not be here next time. The point is: things are changing, and quickly. Stay alert, and you’ll have no trouble navigating.

3. But wait – there are snacks, too!

While concession is limited right now, you can still get your chips and chocolate at the second floor vending machines and small concession stand. The airport is seeking opportunities to increase its offerings once the expansion is complete. Where concession will eventually be located, there’s currently a temporary wall. You can tell the airport what kind of food you’d like to see at the new concession area when you fill out this online survey.

4. Soon, this facility will maximize the region’s dynamic location like never before.

The airport’s update will include 3 new gates, a larger baggage claim, an expanded ticket counter, an expansive view of Adirondack Coast region from the facility’s second-floor concourse, and all-new international custom facilities – making this airport even more appealing to international travelers than before.

5. The airport staff wants to hear about your experience.

Remember, these changes are happening to make your journeys more enjoyable, no matter where you’re coming from or where you’re going. Feel free to contact Airport Staff on duty with any questions before or during your travels. The airport’s Facebook page is another great place to leave feedback.


As of right now, construction is scheduled to conclude later this fall – but that’s no reason to hold off on your departure plans. The airport is fully operable right now, and more than ready to help you set off on your next adventure!