Expansion Update 2/6/2015

The Plattsburgh International Airport expansion is still in phase II. Work that has been completed during the previous period includes:
  • Additional partition walls and electrical work in proposed TSA area
  • Continued foundation work in new departure terminal
Upcoming work will include:
  • Onset of Structural Steel begins in Outbound Baggage Area
  • Continued foundation work in new departure terminal
  • Backfill of Utility Building
  • Demolition and beginning structural work in West stairwell, in preparation for office space
  • Possible Structural Steel work in Utility Building
No Airport Operational impacts to be reported at this time. 
Important Entrance Information: The removal of the canopy and clock tower at the terminal entry will begin on or about 2/9/2015. Every effort will be made to work around flight arrivals and departures. However, please be aware that while passengers will still be able to enter the terminal through the crosswalk area, this area may be more congested. Therefore, please plan accordingly by allowing ample time for arrival and check in.